I had to call AT&T and actually spoke to a super friendly customer service rep. Props to you, AT&T. 

I finished a book today. That makes 4 entire books within a month's span. Nerd status and I love it.

I got super sidetracked. I guess my happy thought today should be that I started writing again in my happiness journal? 

Oh Saturday, one of my favorite days! I woke up at 7 and made myself chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries. Then I got a couple of good hours of work in. 

TGIF. I had an early morning meeting with a new client.  Tex mex date night with my handsome fella. 

I woke up to like 4 inches of snow. It was beautiful. I also made a fried egg sandwich, which are quickly becoming my new obsession. 

I had dinner with some lovely ladies from BRW. I worked on some cool design pieces. Also got a inquiry about a new design gig, and that's always cool. 

Pretty normal day. Made a yummy smoothie. Watched the voice - love me some Adam Levine. 

I found wasabi ginger kettle chips today! I've only been searching for them for monthsssss. I also watched a webinar with my roomie. "You can't do everything, but you can do three things." 

I got to spend time with my brother and future sister-in-law. We ate Japanese food. I also cleaned my ceiling fan and vacuumed (yes, that makes me happy). 

Got to have a yummy double date lunch with my brother and his fiancé. Also had a sprinkles cupcake.

SNOW DAY. I got to spend the majority of the day cuddled up with my boo with movies & pizza.

I had breakfast tacos while wearing my new denim vest. I was also super productive. EDIT // blue & black OR white & gold. #thedress 

I woke up to fresh snow falling to the ground. I also made black bean + sweet potato soup. 

Today was a good day. The new Mat Kearney CD came out. (OMG, love.) I also got starbucks in my pretty gold mug this morning. I'd say that's a win. 

Today was an ice day so I stayed in pj's all day. My roommate made me an egg in a basket for dinner. I watched criminal minds on netflix.