jill honeycutt



design philosophy. 

Frank Chimero says, “People ignore designs that ignore people.” Great design is more than just a pretty typeface paired with a beautiful image—it is connectivity. On a base level, we all want to connect physically and visually. The goal is to create designs in which people can relate. 

As a society, we are attracted to the ‘latest and greatest’ design trends that so often, and quickly, change. Whether designing for a printed piece, a mobile phone, or a website, good design will always be recognizable. All mediums of design are based on the same basic principles, and these principles inherently speak to our aesthetic preferences. As a designer, I aim to create with these principles in mind. In turn, people will connect, even if subconsciously. For me, the design principles are a set of guidelines that influence how I approach design and solve visual problems. 

A main inspiration for me when designing is the art of typography. Type falls into two main categories—instructional and artistic. Typography is needed to instruct and direct, but can also be beautifully aesthetic. Although it is important to know the history of typography, people’s reaction to type also has value. Typography can represent emotion, and emotions drive actions. While it is wise to consider the rules of typography, I believe it is best to find balance between the rules and the reaction.

I love the makings of a letter form—the curves, the counters, and the strokes—which, when put together, create a legible form the viewer can decipher. It is almost magical. The connection between people and typography intrigues me. Typography makes me feel inspired and in turn more likely to take action. That is the part I connect with most as a designer.

Creative inspiration can be found in many different ways. Personally, it is human interaction that feeds my creative soul. Not only am I designing for people, but they encourage my design­s—it all comes full circle. Without relationships and conversations I would not be a successful designer. To me, design is people.