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Birthdays are funny to me. It's the same as any other day really, but I always find myself a lot more reflective on that particular day. To ring in this 29th year of life I had an opportunity to welcome my papaw and Barbara to Germany. We had dinner at a traditional German restaurant, ate gelato, and played several rounds of spades. 


During my 28th year of life:

  • enrolled in graduate school
  • completed my first semester of grad school
  • got in the best shape of my lifein turn, lost 30 pounds
  • also shifted my outlook of health and my relationship with it
  • painted our house blue
  • got our sweet tillie babe

Next comes 30. That's a big number, it is also impossible for me to even believe that I am almost 30. Growing up I heard people call your late twenties "your prime." I would have to believe them. These are some of the best years!