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tarragona, spain.

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I'm so behind on writing—I've got to be better! Nonetheless, we went to Spain and it was great. Read more below! 

day 70 // thur march 23

Gotta love airstrikes, ya know? I was honestly so excited because we were not flying RyanAir flying to Spain. Somehow I still ended up disappointed in our flight. Due to a super convenitinet air controller strike in France our flight couldn't leave at the scheduled time. We sat in the airport about an hour pa. After we finally boarded the plane, we sat on the runway for another hour or more! So frustrating, especially knowing someone was meeting us at our destination. 

Once we finally arrived in Barcelona, Nathan greeted us at the airport. He was so kind to give us a ride back to Tina's house. By the time we finally got there we were starving. Originally our flight was set to land at 7PM. We actually arrived about 9:30PM. He took us to an outdoor mall with a lot of food options, it was late though so it was pretty quiet. We had some food and caught up for awhile until they kicked us out of the restaurant. 

He drove us back to Tina's house where we were staying and got us settled. Marissa and I also stayed with Ms. Tina back in 2011. She was so kind to open up her home to me, both times! 

day 71 // fri march 22

We spent the day in Tarragona. This is smaller port city located in northeast Spain, about an hour outside of Barcelona. The weather was perfect! I was dying for some sunshine and the good Lord provided. We had a nice slow morning with yummy coffee and breakfast then Nathan and family came to pick us up. Our first stop was the Ferreres Aqueduct which was part of the Roman aqueduct built to supply water to the ancient city of Tarragona. Wade was itching to go to the aqueducts in Rome, but we just didn't have time so I'm glad we got to see these! 

After that we headed towards the coast. We walked through a lot of the Roman ruins. This included amphitheatre, walls, tower, and more. The view was stunning! We had a late (normal for the Spanish) lunch at the nice restaurant in an old house. It was really yummy! I had a salad with goat cheese, fish, then a creme pudding. We kept exploring and even did a little shopping. Before we knew it it was evening time. We dropped Nathan's girls at the swimming practice and headed back to the apartment. Tina laid out quite the spread with bread, cheese, proscuttio, and more. My favorite type of meal. We all just chatted until time for bed. 

day 72 // sat march 24

We knew from looking at the weather it was going to rain, pretty sure it said 100% all day. With that being said, we had another slow morning. Nathan picked Wade and I up mid-morning and took us to their house. We had the nicest day catching up. We sat around the table for at least 10 hours talking and eating (of course). Sheila was so kind to make us SUCH good food. For lunch we had gazpacho and a really, really yummy dish that I can't remember the name of. Trust me, it was very good. Then we had strawberries with whipped cream. 

Of course we had coffee that afternoon. Then later had croquetas, cheese, and tortilla. Makes my stomach and heart so full thinking back on that day. Obviously you can see we talked and ate all day, and I wouldn't have it any other way! It was so nice. Wade and I have been going and travelling so much it gets tiring. That's not a complaint in the least, but it was nice to feel at home. To have good, meaningful conversation around a table. 

day 73 // sun march 25

Sunday was our last day, but luckily our flight wasn't until 8PM. We loaded up and went into Barcelona. First up was the Sagrada Familia. It's a must see. It had changed so much since I saw it last. There were totally new sections that had been built! We explored for awhile before we had to head to the airport. Nathan, Shelia, Tina and family are always such kind hosts. Wade and I left feeling like part of the family.