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naples, italy.

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day 63 // thur march 15

First impressions of Naples were rough. We arrived in the afternoon and met our Airbnb host. She was very sweet. We had zero plans in Naples besides eating pizza. I've never seen a city with so much graffiti. It reminded me of the less-traveled parts of Rome.

We knew which restaurant we wanted to go to that evening so we thought we would browse the markets on the way to dinner. We took off into the tiny streets that were PACKED with stuff. I've never seen so much stuff. The vendors were lined up on either side of the street with trinkets, statues, busts, etc. So visually overwhelmed. We finally we made it to our destination: Attilios Pizzeria. We saw this place featured on the Netflix original show “Ugly Delicious.” The place was hidden in the tiny, crazy streets deep in the city. These streets gave me so much anxiety with the craziest scooter drivers I've ever encountered. Anywho, we ordered a traditional margherita pizza and then a more specialty pizza that had ricotta stuffed crust. Both were delicious! When we were leaving Attilio himself came out and we decided we were gonna ask for a picture. The pizza cook saw the screenshot on my phone and said “Netflix?” I felt caught red handed, haha. He was so proud and agreed to take a picture with us. Overall a great experience!

day 64 // friday march 16

The next morning we woke up early to head to Pompeii. We easily mastered the subway system. The train from Naples to Pompeii was super cheap and convenient. The ride was about 45 minutes. We arrived early morning and bought our tickets to the ruins. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon exploring. Such an interesting story and so much still left of the city to see. Afterwards we decided to get more pizza, duh. Then we took the train back to the city. We did a little window shopping and got some gelato. We tried to walk to the water/coast but had little luck finding a view. The harbor is super industrial and aesthetically uninteresting. It was also very overcast and foggy. For dinner we (or me specifically) wanted to have one more traditional Neapolitan pizza. We found a place near our Airbnb. It was probably my 2nd favorite pie. 

day 65 // sat march 17

We had an early 7:30am train from Naples to Venice. We had a game plan and all was going well until we get to the subway to head toward the train station.... and there was no place to buy tickets. Luckily we had enough time to drag our suitcase through the streets to the station. We made it with a few minutes to spare, but no time for coffee or breakfast. Whew! Overall the trip to Naples/Pompeii was nice, not somewhere I would want to spend a full week, but that pizza though....