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gutenberg museum.

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day 6 // wed jan 17th

You guys, for real. Today didn't even seem like real life. It was my heaven on earth—what design nerd dreams are made of. First off, we woke up in a CASTLE, then we took a train to Mainz, Germany. Which is birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg, who introduced the world to mechanical movable type printing and essentially started the printing revolution. Meaning, he was a big freaking deal. We went to a huge museum dedicated to printing and I even got to see 1.5 Gutenberg Bibles. These were amazing and under very tight lock and key. Meaning no pictures, BUT the memory will for sure last forever. The museum currently owns 1.5 original Gutenberg bibles. They were so big and heavy that the book binders back then decided to make the bible into two seperate books. 

After our tour we got to do a letterpress workshop and make some really cool prints that I will treasure! We then had lunch at a local fish market recommended by our tour guide. *pro tip-always ask your guides and/or a local where to eat. This is something I didn't do my first go round in europe cause we (Ris & I) were on a strict budget and probably a little scared to venture too far out of our comfort zone. Wade and I both had fresh cod and different types of potatoes. Very delicious. 

Still on a high from this experience. I told Wade I could spend an entire day there. Who knows, maybe we will go back! 

day 7 // thurs jan 18th

We've been exactly a week, which to me seems impossible! We have already explored and seen so much. Official classes started today and our days will be a bit more structured now. I am teaching a class on motion design with specific emphasis on cultural reflection and exploration. I think the results will be very cool.