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merry december!

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I can't believe it's December 1st. crazy how time flies! Today was a good day. My husband woke up and came into the office promptly telling me to get dressed. He said we're going to pick out a Christmas tree. weee! Obviously had to make a pit-stop for donuts first. 


If there's one thing I'm good at it's saving money and being crafty about it. I guess that's two things. oh well.

Here are some quick tips if you're buying your tree from a retailer (like lowe's, home depot, or walmart)

Tip #1 - save the 1" round portion that they cut off the bottom of your tree to make an ornament! I have one from our first Christmas as a married couple, and now our second. Just drill a hole in the top, tie some burlap through and ta-da! All I need to do is write on it with my gold sharpie. 

Tip #2 - shop/steal from the the scrap barrel. At Lowe's and Home Depot they put all of the branches that have fallen off and/or been cut off into a huge bin. These make great additions to your mantel or an already purchased wreath. See my examples below, plus they smell amazing! 

Tip #3 - Always have your husband inspect the tree thoroughly, then have him take photos of you with your perfect tree. 

Now time to get decorating! 




My sweater was a black Friday buy that I knew I could dress or up dress down for the winter. It actually has a removable collar which I thought was pretty nifty! The back is also super cute. Jeans are my fav Levi's 711 Skinny jeans in "damage is done." Booties are Steve Madden Kolina's that I bought in the summer on super sale. Very comfy, low heel so great for standing on my feet teaching all day! Also, rocking a top knot because washing your hair is the worst. 

sweater: Bealls • jeans: Levi's • booties: Steve Madden • watch: fossil

full & thankful.

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Thanksgiving is always a fun holiday for me. Even if I view it as the start of Christmas season. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful and blessed beyong measure, but Thanksgiving doesn't always get full credit, ya know? 

Growing up we always drove to Bienville, Louisiana to my great-grandmother's house. My grandfather is one of a bajillion kids so there was always so many people that wanted to get together. We would get up early and drive to this tiny little house in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere. The house is probably just like you're imagining it—old, totally leaning and full of love. There is this cane patch behind the house that I remember thinking was the coolest thing growing up. We would cut down sticks and then my grandpa would sharpen the end (super duper safe).

This year we loaded up and made the trek to LA like the good 'ole days. I am grateful to still have this time with my grandpa. I'm also thankful for a family that still likes being together. Also thankful for pecan pie, and lots of it. 



Currently really loving all things velvet and Levi's. The 700 collection from Levi's is my favorite. The 711 Skinny and 721 High-Rise Skinny jeans fit like a glove. Jean color is a great dark color with a little texture called "cast shadows." I am usually a fan of basic pieces from Old Navy. Sizing can be weird at Old Navy, but I've learned to size down! Sadly, my necklace isn't being sold anymore, but the one linked is rad!

jacket: Levi's • jeans: Macy's • velvet top: Old Navy • necklace: Sam Moon