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Introduction to the principles of graphic design; composition and their application for printed and digital media. Prerequisites: ARTS 103, VIST 105, ENDS 105 or approval of instructor and undergraduate program coordinator.


KNOWLEDGE. Identify the basics of design, layout, typography and printing processes in order to better understand what the area of visual communications is all about.
KNOWLEDGE. Recognize and develop basic conceptual thinking in creative problem solving.
KNOWLEDGE. Identify and utilize sources of information outside the classroom that can be helpful for the visual problems presented in class.
COMPREHENSION. Distinguish between the appropriate and inappropriate methods of using typography in message-making.
COMPREHENSION. Identify and define design objectives and client goals
COMPREHENSION. Identify, choose and apply appropriate Adobe software for specific tasks within a project
APPLICATION. Employ self-imposed time-management skills
ANALYSIS. Examine a variety of visual options for the problem through thumbnails and sketching in personal journal
SYNTHESIS. Formulate written statements articulating the content and rationale of your designs
EVALUATION. Analyze, evaluate and apply the critique process as a means to strengthen personal work and work of peers.

week 1

Tuesday, August 28th  



SKETCH: partner mind-map

- intro to class, syllabus, trip to library

- bring books back on wed. for discussion

-archery logo skill assessment 

Thursday, August 30th

READING: NnQ Pgs 4–8  // NnQ Pgs 37–41 "The Art of Seeing"

SKETCH: blind shape drawing

assigned due 9/4:

- 4 letter traces

- letter logo sketches in sketchbook

- start of digital layouts


week 2

Tuesday, Sept 4th

LECTURE: Creativity, Graphic Design, Gestalt Principles

SKETCH: 3x3 grid of variation of a letter (UC & LC)

READING: TxtB Pgs 1–37

assigned due 9/6:

- 4 letter logos PRINTED & CUT

Thursday, Sept 6th

LECTURE: History of Type Video

READING: NnQ Pgs 28–33

SKETCH: Draw a word out of negative space

assigned due 9/11:

- 10 digital B&W patterns



week 3

Tuesday, Sept 11th

LECTURE: History of Type Pt 1, Color 

READING: TxtB Pgs 37–55

SKETCH: 5 found patterns

assigned due 9/13:

- 2 of each color harmony digital patterns (8 total)

  • analogous, monochromatic, triadic, complementary

  • Letter form drawings in NnQ Packet A & B

quiz review:

-anatomy of type terminology

-gestalt principles & definitions

-design principles & definitions


Thursday, Sept 13th

SKETCH: name with circles/triangles & rectangles/triangles


-*bring headphones!!

intro to icons - https://icons.aiux.co (M01 & M02)


assigned due 9/18:

- Letter form drawings in NnQ Packet G & P

- Intro to icons PDF on Google Drive

- Letter logo project due!

week 4

Thursday, Sept 20th


READING: TxTB Pgs 87–112

- in-class type monster

Tuesday, Sept 18th

LECTURE: type personalities, Carra Sykes

SKETCH: design monster

MOUNTED Letter Logo Project Due!

- intro to expressive words

assigned due 9/20:

- 15 sketchbook ideas


week 5

Thursday, Sept 27th



Expressive Word Project Due!!

assigned due: 10/02

  • magazine layouts completed

  • type badges competed

Tuesday, Sept 25th

SKETCH: fav color in least fav color objects

LECTURE: type classifications

READ: TxTB Pgs 113–129

assigned due: 09/27

  • 4 expressive words 8x8” printed and cut

  • study for QUIZ #2

  • Type badge draft on Google Drive

week 6

Tuesday, Oct 2nd

SKETCH: food truck

LECTURE: InDesign Tutorial, Ruthie Fleming

READING: TxTB Pgs 130–143

assigned due: 10/04

  • research typefaces & gather info

  • compile images for moodboard

Thursday, Oct 4th

READING: TxTB Pgs 151–180

assigned due 10/09:

  • completed moodboard

  • research word doc on the drive

  • Roughed cover layout sketches (5)

  • DIgital rough drafts of front/back cover

week 7

Tuesday, Oct 9th

READING: TxTB Pgs 180–201

SKETCH: magazine cover of your life rn.

assigned due 10/11:

  • printed front/back cover draft for crit

  • roughed inside spread sketches (5)

  • digital rough draft inside spread

Thursday, Oct 11th

READING: TxTB Pgs 204–216

week 8

Thursday, Oct 18th

Tuesday, Oct 16th

LECTURE: AIGA guest Lecture


week 9 

Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Sketch: Logo for Professional Acitvities

LECTURE: Logo Design / Logo Game


  • intro final project

  • Mind Mapping

assigned due 10/25:

  • Concept Pitch on Drive

    • Name / Tagline options

    • Target Audience

    • Brand Story / Attitudes/ Value

    • Moodboard

  • Brain Maps (at least two versions)

  • 30 Logo Sketches 

Thursday, Oct 25th

SKETCH: flowchart

  • present concept pitches

week 10 

Tuesday, Oct 30th

SKETCH: Artist Halloween Costume

Show 4 different PRINTED versions of your logo (DIFFERENT versions). Based on critiques, refine one/two logos.


Thursday, Nov 1st

SKETCH: Candy Bar Wrapper w/ a Twist

Present PRINTED final logo variations in B&W and color. Begin working on business card and letterhead designs.

week 11

Tuesday, Nov 6th

SKETCH: Yourself in 30 years

In-class work on business cards, letterhead, and postcard

Start on pattern designs to incorporate


Thursday, Nov 8th

SKETCH: Postcard Ideas

-Quiz Review

Bring PRINTED business card designs. Cont. working with collateral pieces.

week 12

Tuesday, Nov 13th

SKETCH: No Sketch


Bring new printed BC — Cut to size!

-finished letterhead, postcard

Thursday, Nov 15th

SKETCH: Hank Turkey

Work day / Icon work /

Bring Physical Product https://beta.thedieline.com/blog/2015/10/27/packaging-dielines-2-a-free-resource





week 13

Tuesday, Nov 20th

NO CLASS ***Thanksgiving*** 

Thursday, Nov 22nd

NO CLASS ***Thanksgiving***

week 14

Tuesday, Nov 27th

SKETCH: Ugly Christmas Sweater


PRINTED critiques WITH physical product

website: circlesconference.com/videos

email: ish@circlesco.com


Thursday, Nov 29th

No Class — Final push.

week 15

Tuesday, Dec 4th



Thursday, Dec 6th

No Classes - Reading Day