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Students enrolled in this section are required to purchase Adobe Creative Suite. During lectures it will be beneficial to follow along with your laptop in Adobe.  We will use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD exclusively. The student version of Adobe CC is acceptable. Can be purchased here.

ARTS 104 is an introduction to the concepts and techniques utilized in the layout of graphic presentations. This includes basic typography, use of color, design principles; integration of type, graphic elements and images. Students will be working with the Adobe Creative Suite; predominantly Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and XD. You will learn how and why the individual programs integrate with each other to achieve professional results.

ALL SECTIONS - Wed 8:00 am–8:50 am - ARCC 105

ARTS 104-501 - Mon 12:40 pm–1:30 pm - ARCC 205

ARTS 104-502 - Wed 12:40 pm–1:30 pm - ARCC 205

ARTS 104-503 - Fri 12:40 pm–1:30 pm - ARCC 205


To understand the principles and process of graphic design, its philosophy, contemporary notions and techniques, and develop a unique voice through practice.

KNOWLEDGE. Identify and apply the elements and principles of design

KNOWLEDGE. Define and identify basic elements of typography

COMPREHENSION. Identify, choose and apply appropriate Adobe software for specific tasks within a project

APPLICATION. Employ self-imposed time-management skills

SYNTHESIS. Develop and create a finished portfolio applying concepts and knowledge from the course

EVALUATION. Analyze, evaluate and apply the critique process as a means to strengthen personal work

week 1

NO CLASS THIS WEEK! // Wednesday, Jan 16


 - syllabus posted

- log onto lynda.com

- check google drive

 assigned exercise: Yeti

*Link to Yeti found here

Work on Yeti to show during lab of next week (week of 1/23)

Topics covered:

  • What is Illustrator?

  • Document set-up & Tools

  • Artboards

  • Grids & Guides

  • Bleeds

  • Saving variations

  • Layers

Lecture: No Class


week 2 

Lecture // Wednesday, Jan 23


assigned exercise: Wise Men

Wise Men due midnight of scheduled lab day

*Turn in Wise Men exercise  via Google Drive

Topics covered:

  • Shortcuts

  • Color—CMYK vs. RGB

  • Shape tools

  • Pen tool

  • Pathfinder

  • Type on path

Lecture: Intro + Welcome + What is Graphic Design? 

week 3

Lecture // Wednesday, Jan 30

WEEKLY PLAYLIST: week three.

- illustrator quiz 1

assigned exercise: Wisegarver

Wisegarver due midnight of scheduled lab day

*Turn in Wisegarver exercise via Google Drive

   Topics covered:   

  • Clipping Mask

  • Appearance Panel

  • Type Panel

  • Character Panel

  • Outlining text

  • Type on curve

Lecture: Creative Process + History of Graphic Design Pt. 1

week 4

Topics covered:   

  • Object

  • Blend tool

  • Transform

  • Pattern

  • Offset

  • Expand

  • Rotate tool

Lecture: History of Graphic Design Pt. 2

Lecture // Wednesday, Feb 6


- illustrator quiz 2

- assigned project: illustrator stamp project   

 - work in-class on stamp concepts

week 5

Topics covered:   

  • Facing Pages / Spreads

  • Gutter

  • Threaded Text

  • Columns / Rows / Grids / Guides

  • Changing Case (Upper, lower, Title, Sentence)

  • Places pictures in inDesign

  • Setting up a grid / Alignment

Lecture: Fundamentals of Design

Lecture // Wednesday, Feb 13


- 20 minute printed stamp critique.

  • bring printed color stamps to class for crits!

- final illustrator wrap-up + concepts

- intro to indesign

week 6

Lecture // Wednesday, Feb 20


- Printed Stamp Project Due!! 

**Stamps due in-class on your scheduled lab day 

**Turn in final stamp PDFs via Google Drive   

- assigned exercise: Personal Mood board

*Turn in Mood board exercise via Google Drive

mood board due midnight of scheduled lab day

Topics covered:   

  • Basic Typography / Sans Serif / Serif

  • Leading, Kerning, Tracking

  • Hyphen, En Dash, Em Dash

  • Left Justify, Right Justify, Centered, Justify

Lecture: Typography 101

week 7

Lecture // Wednesday, Feb 27

WEEKLY PLAYLIST: week seven.

- inDesign quiz 1     

- assign exercise: Resume exercise

*Turn in Resume exercise via Google Drive

Resume due midnight of scheduled lab day

Topics Covered:

  • Master Pages

  • Paragraph Style

  • Inserting Word Docs

  • Headlines / Sub-headlines

  • Print vs. screen resolution

  • "Futura 13/14" / 13 = font size / 14 = leading size

Lecture: Basics of Illustration

week 8

Topics covered: 

  • Packaging Files

  • Exporting Spreads vs. Pages

  • Text Wrapping

  • Layout Design

  • Page Numbers

Lecture: Color

Lecture // Wednesday, March 6

WEEKLY PLAYLIST: week eight.

- inDesign quiz 2     

- assign project: intro booklet project     

- start booklet layout + set-up

week 9 

Lecture // Wednesday, March 13



Topics covered: 

Lecture: No Class

week 10 

Lecture // Wednesday, March 20


- intro to photoshop     

- assign exercise: veggie head exercise

*Turn in veggie head exercise via Google Drive

Veggie Head due midnight of scheduled lab day

- homework exercise: powerlines 

exercise is to pick one out of the 2 images on the drive and remove the power lines out. You should use the clone stamp, different selection tools, healing brush tool, etc.

Topics covered: 

Intro to Photoshop - what is it?

  • Duplicate the Background Layer

  • Editing (Destructive vs. Non-destructive)

  • Layers -Resizing

  • Cropping Images

  • Saving for the Web

  • Selection tools

Lecture: Web Design

week 11

Lecture // Wednesday, March 27

DAILY PLAYLIST: week eleven


- photoshop quiz 1    

- in-class exercise: product mock-up

- assign exercise: UI/UX

Topics covered: 

  • Brightness & Contrast

  • Cropping (extending the canvas via crop tool)

  • Curves & Levels

  • Saturation

  • Brushes - shortcut to make bigger/smaller

  • Working with Layers

  • Content Aware Fill

  • Cloning and Healing

  • Intro to XD

  • Layout

  • Assets

Lecture: Motion Design

week 12

Lecture // Wednesday, April 3

- Photoshop/Adobe XD quiz 2  

- assign project: intro to final project     

- research festivals, illustration styles, photo manipulation styles

Topics covered: 

  • Advanced XD

  • Research / brainstorming

  • Sketching

  • Combining Imagery + ideas

Lecture: Composition + Poster Design

week 13

Lecture // Wednesday, April 10

Topics covered: 

  • Poster Design

  • Hierarchy

  • Typography

Lecture: UI/UX Design

week 14

Lecture // Wednesday, April 17

- BRING printed poster critique to LECTURE

- final work day in labs

*No Friday Lab on April 19th

Topics Covered:

Lecture: Design within Companies—what's next?

Small group critiques IN LECTURE (with printed drafts)

week 15

Lecture // Wednesday, April 24

- Last Day of Class