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ARTS 104 + ARTS 303 + ARTS 304.  Knowledge of industry-standard software [Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator] is required. Grades are the result of three major areas of evaluation: process, execution, and professionalism. These categories are further broken down and defined on your syllabus. 


COMPREHENSION. Continued identification and utilization of sources of inspiration outside the classroom that can be helpful for the visual problems presented in class.

APPLICATION. Continued demonstration of skills as a visual communicator, capable of creating visually dramatic design solutions.

APPLICATION. Employs a variety of tools and technologies to solve design problems, both analog and digital.

APPLICATION. Use of combination of principles of typography and animation in time-based motion graphics project.

APPLICATION. Employ self-imposed time-management skills.

ANALYSIS. Illustrate a deeper understanding of the creative process.

ANALYSIS. Examine a variety of visual options for the problem through thumbnails and sketching in personal journal

SYNTHESIS. Formulate written statements articulating the content and rationale of your designs.

SYNTHESIS. Develop and demonstrate a professional, personal demeanor and work ethic.

EVALUATION. Analyze, evaluate and apply the critique process as a means to strengthen personal work and work of peers.

week 1

Tuesday, Jan 15




Thursday, Jan 17

week 2

Tuesday, Jan 22

- project pitches in class

What: Concept Pitch 

Deliverable: Concept Pitch PDF on Google Drive -- 

Initial concepts and research in a 4 minute pdf presentation that includes the following:

Visual research of card games. Present with collection of images.  

Chosen name, theme and illustration style.

Voice and mood-board for direction of game.

Moodboard should include: Examples (photos, illustrations, designs, competitors, etc) of aesthetics that are similar to the direction of your game, any text that helps describe the feel/direction of the game, typography examples, logo examples, color palette, examples of other brands outside of same industry, etc.

Catch Phrase (independent of game name - something for use in the game that adds value, shows personality, describes theme, etc.)

Digital image of logo sketches for discussion! Sketch A LOT. 

Thursday, Jan 24

week 3

Tuesday, Jan 29


Thursday, Jan 31

week 4

Tuesday, Feb 5


Thursday, Feb 7

week 5

Tuesday, Feb 12


Thursday, Feb 14

week 6

Tuesday, Feb 19


Thursday, Feb 21

week 7

Tuesday, Feb 26


Thursday, Feb 28

week 8

Thursday, March 7


Tuesday, March 5


week 9 

Tuesday, March 12


Thursday, March 14


week 10 

Tuesday, March 19


Thursday, March 21


week 11

Tuesday, March 26



Thursday, March 28


week 12

Tuesday, April 2


Thursday, April 4


week 13

Tuesday, April 9


Thursday, April 11

week 14

Tuesday, April 16


Thursday, April 18


week 15

Tuesday, April 23

No Class ***attend FRIDAY classes***


Thursday, April 25


week 16

Tuesday, April 30


Thursday, May 2

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