jill honeycutt



I’m Jill Honeycutt. A country girl with a big city heart. I’m a graphic designer by trade & a treasure hunter by nature. I’m a lover of pretty things, & I want to share those things with you. I also love cats, lists & ampersands. I currently teach design at Texas A&M University—whoop! I was previously the experience architect for circles co. & it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm also married to the sweetest fella ever. We have a cute kitten named Tillie.  


We live in Bryan, Texas where we bought our first home together and spend a good amount of time working on projects ‘round the house. We love staying home, watching netflix and spending time together. We also love Tex Mex. 

What I do.

I’ve been a graphic designer in some form or fashion for about twelve years. It all started in high school as a yearbook nerd. From there, it’s grown into more than I could have ever imagined. After spending four and half great years at Texas A&M University, I ended up in the great city of Dallas. After 4 years in the big city, I landed back in Bryan/College Station teaching design at Texas A&M University. I specialize in logo & layout design. Let’s get this straight, I was crafty before crafty was cool. There, I said it. I remember sitting at my Mamaw’s house making things out of string & buttons way before it was hip. Now, I take things that need a little TLC & find the beauty that's hidden beneath the layers of ugly paint.

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